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Погледана 159 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу  Trnovo, Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenija)

Hiking Via Dinarica Slovenia, exploring options for an alternative route..

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Pri Matetu Inn offers three bedrooms, for 10 people (two four bedrooms and one double bedroom). The rooms are new, with modern equipment and they include toilet, shower, television, daily newspapers, WiFI is available in the restaurant. Breakfast is served in the dining hall. <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The surrounding area offers many possibilities for activities in the nature, hikinig and cycling two of the most important ones. The Inn is located in the center of the town and it is a perfect starting point for the hike to Mount Snežnik, a visit to the Reka valley and an exploration of local cultural heritage.</p> <p>Source: http://zelenikras.si/en/accomodations/guesthouses</p>
At the eastern part of the Ma&scaron;un forest estate, two towers are located, which were once part of a hunting outpost. The original building was erected for the purposes of the foresters in 1874. In 1888, a natural park was organized at Ma&scaron;un. The building has endured several mishaps in the past, among others, it was destroyed by fire in 1919. Since being rebuilt, it became a hunting outpost. In November 1943, the castle was razed again. Of the whole complex, only two romantic towers have been preserved. <p>Source: http://zelenikras.si/en/attractions/castles</p>
2 x single bad <p>9 x couple bad (possibility one additional bad)</p> <p>3 x couple bad (children)</p> <p>2 x apartment</p>


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