• Слика од VIA DINARICA | Jezerce - Milanova Koliba (day 33)
  • Слика од VIA DINARICA | Jezerce - Milanova Koliba (day 33)
  • Слика од VIA DINARICA | Jezerce - Milanova Koliba (day 33)
  • Видео запис од VIA DINARICA | Jezerce - Milanova Koliba (day 33)

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близу  Mlake, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail Bosnia Herzegovina

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This is a hut that where you can sleep and hide from the rain.  You need to have your own sleeping bag and food. The hut has a ground floor with an attic and small gallery.  The ground floor is a dining room with tables and benches. It is close by Jezerce (a little lake) on Prenj mountain. The hut is always open and no key is required.
This is a hut where you can sleep and hide from the rain. You need to have your own sleeping bag and food. It has two rooms with a capacity of 10 beds.
<p>In the central part of the Dinarids lies the mountains Prenj, Čvrsnica, Čabulja i Vran. They comprise the northern part of Herzegovina and are divided with the Neretva canyon. Specific conditions of clima in the Neretva canyon have caused the developement of stenoendemic and relict plant and animal species.</p> <p>The geological supstrate of these mountains are carbonate rocks, in whose crevices have developed specific plant communities adapted to these extreme conditions. The waters of this area belongs to the Neretva river basin, and in this area are present two glacial lakes: Blidinjsko lake and Boračko lake.</p> <p>This area also represents a natural reserve for the endemic species Munika (Pinus heldreichii H. Christ), which is under increased anthropogenic pressure. This area has a specific geomorfological character, climatic conditions, hidrological regime, as well as a high soil diversity. A complex of all these factors have helped in the development of high-quality landscapes, refuge-relict ecosistems and endemic plant and animal communities. Based on previous datas and results of researches, the name of this area &bdquo;Prenj endemic center&ldquo; is well justified, and also meets the criteria of UNESCO for the inscription on the list of World Natural Heritage.</p> <p>Excessive exploatation of natural resources, unsustainable tourism development, waste disposal and other anthropogenic factor are threaten this area. Taking into account the great biological, landscape, geomorphological and hydrological values of this area, as well as the potential for the development of eco-tourism, this area should as soon as possible get the status of national park.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Jedna Sniježnica, koja je najveća na Prenju, nalazi se na obodu Poljica. To je &bdquo;bunarasta&ldquo; vrtača, &scaron;irine preko 30 metara, dužine skoro 60 metara, dubine 10 &ndash; 15 &nbsp;metara. Zbog skoro stalnog zadržavanja snijega, i u ljetnim najsu&scaron;nijim mjesecima, te&scaron;ko je utvrditi dubinu ove vrtače. U topografskim kartama se nekada navodi kao Poljička peć, ali je mnogi mije&scaron;aju s drugom pećinom koja se nalazi iznad Poljica u Zau&scaron;lju (između Botina i Poljica). Jama Sniježnica nalazi se u Zakantarju (zapadni Prenj). Pored nje se nalazi kameni prerast (okno). <p>Izvor: Vari&scaron;čić Amir, ur. (2012), Prenj, Udruženje za za&scaron;titu okoline Zeleni Neretva Konjic, Konjic.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Milanova koliba is the old hut located next to the newly built Mountain Hut Međuprenje. It is used as a shelter where you can sleep and hide from the rain. You need to have your own sleeping bag and food.
Located on beautiful mountain Prenj, Međuprenje is a newly built hut just next to the old Milanova koliba hut. It is not completed yet, but is already in use. It has a small kitchen and its own water tank.<br />It is owned and managed by Mountain Club Prenj Glogo&scaron;nica 1979.
On the forest road from Glogo&scaron;nica, at the former loggers base there is container set as a shelter. It has two beds, but you have to have your own sleeping bag and food. There's no electricity nor running water.


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