2.074 m
1.596 m
6,1 km

Погледана 104 пут(a), скинута са сервера 6 пут(a)

близу  Mlake, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail Bosnia Herzegovina

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This is a hut that where you can sleep and hide from the rain.  You need to have your own sleeping bag and food. The hut has a ground floor with an attic and small gallery.  The ground floor is a dining room with tables and benches. It is close by Jezerce (a little lake) on Prenj mountain. The hut is always open and no key is required.
Zelena glava is the highest peak on Prenj Mountain. It has an altitude of 2155 MASL and it is located in the central part of Prenj. There are several other peaks of similar height on Prenj. 
Prenj is a mountain range in the Dinaric Alps of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in eastern Herzegovina near Mostar, Jablanica and Konjic. Otiš is one of the notable peaks on this mountain with an altitude of  2097 MASL.


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