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Погледана 84 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу  Stari Trg pri Ložu, Loška Dolina (Slovenija)

Hiking Via Dinarica Slovenia (alternative)

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In the Cultural Center of the Institute ARS VIVA we are aware of the need for intercultural dialogue, with an emphasis on sustainable rural development. Our center includes: a hostel with 29 beds, suite with 14 beds, a museum with a multi-purpose room, art gallery, outdoor theater and facility renovated old house. Ars Viva Institute was established as a non-profit organization that operates in the public interest and the public welfare and the funds raised on the market fund its activities. The Institute together a number of experts in different areas: the disabled, artists, publishers, experts in art history and cultural heritage, social work, environmental protection, planning and management, theater, etc. This ensures that the institution deals with problems of a comprehensive and balanced, and that is not under the influence of a single discipline or interest groups. The Institute also operates independently from the world-belief systems and political party divisions.


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