2.673 m
764 m
32,0 km

Погледана 576 пут(a), скинута са сервера 13 пут(a)

близу  Gusinje, Opština Plav (Montenegro)

Ali Pasha wells are located southwest, 1 km away from Gusinje at the bottom of Vezirova Brada. They are at 925 m.a.s.l. The abundance of Alipašas wells is great even during periods of drought when it reaches 2m3 per seconda (data from public Waters Directorate). During the spring, wells give up to five times more waters. Alipašas wells are a most popular excursion site where in July and August many gatherings are organized. There is a very popular restaurant Vodenica. Alipašas wells are a unique meeting place with an unseen natural beauty and represent a genuine attraction for tourists.
The Eye of Skakavica is situated near Vusanje village in Ropojan, 1,5 km away from Skakavica waterfall. This well is of karst origin at 1010 m.a.s.l. It is circular in shape and the waters constantly boil like in the pot. The Eye is one of the strongest in the lower Prokletije. It is 30 meters long and 25 meters wide. Towards the centre, the depth grows rapidly and during the highest water level it reaches 11,5 meters. During very hot summers, especially in August and September, the generosity of Oko (Eye) reduces. The waters retreat towards the deepest part of the well and are peaceful so there is no overflow. Source: Mulić Rifat, Prokletije Mountains of Plav and Gusinje - 40 Mountain Trails
Grebaje Valley is the continuation of Dolja Valley. Looking from the Grebaja Valley at the Brade range near Karanfili, the allocation of ridges from the northwest slope is very interesting, especially the rocky outcrops and cirques (fossil nest of glaciers). Like teeth in a comb, they make a row of rocky ridges, parallel and in line according to their height. The right side of the Grebaje Valley is marked by the rocky barrier of Valušnica. From this point, there is a unique view over the peaks of Vezirova Brada, the rocks of Karanfili and Grebaja Valley. Grebaja is famous after its very flat base where four bigger meadows dominate, cut by the Valušnički brook which is dry during summer. From Valušnički brook, Grebaja valley is 2 km long. The meadow across the brook represents the beginning of Grebaja and is called Krug (Circle) or Stari katun (Old shepherd's hut). At the beginning of the meadow on the right there is mounatin lodge Karanfili, owned by the Mountain cllub Karanfili from Gusinje. Down there beside the road, in the little part of the conifer forest, there is Suljova česma (Suljo's fountain) - the very last and the only drinking water in Grebaja Valley. Suljo's fountain is the starting point for many mountaineers' tours Grebaja Valley and its an ideal place for camping. Source: Prokletije mountains of Plav and Gusinje, 40 mountains trails


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