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Погледана 162 пут(a), скинута са сервера 3 пут(a)

близу  Snežnik, Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenija)

Hiking Via Dinarica Slovenia (alternative)

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The lodge is permanently open, except on Tuesdays. In the restaurant area there are 38 seats and in front of the lodge there are 80 to 100 seats. It has one dormitory with 11 beds. The restaurant and sleeping areas are heated by central heating. There is also running water, electricity, phone landline available.
The hut has one dormitory with 20 beds and separate rooms with 8 beds in total. There are 80 seating places in total.
The plateau has two peaks, separated by a pass. Its lower peak, Little Mount Snežnik (Mali Snežnik), has an elevation of 1,688 m. Its higher peak, Big Mount Snežnik (Veliki Snežnik), has an elevation of 1,796 m. Big Mount Snežnik is the highest non-Alpine peak of Slovenia and the highest peak along the National Liberation War Courier and Signal Operator Trail. It may be seen from many other parts of Slovenia and is a popular hiking destination.
The castle is a three-storey cubic residential building with Renaissance walls in front of the entrance and a newer stone bridge that leads to the walls. The outer towers and the two-arched stone bridge are Romantic additions of the 19th century. The castle is built on a rock at the source of the Obrh and the Brezno Spring. The spring is dammed into a large pond below the castle. The picturesque surroundings have been carefully arranged into a park with walking and riding paths. East of the castle are extensive farms and other additional buildings that house a small hunting museum. <p>All the original fittings in the castle, mostly from the 19th century, have been preserved. There is no castle like this in Slovenia, where one can feel the pulse of life from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Among the living quarters, the dining room, the room with "Egyptian" furniture, and a larger hall arranged into a wedding hall, stand out. The castle residents also had a small library and an improvised theatre hall. The hunting character of the post is confirmed by the numerous trophies and stuffed animals in all the halls and vestibules.</p> <p>The plan of the park is comprised of quadruple-row entrance avenues and several twin-row linden tree and chestnut-lined avenues, between which are clearings with clumps of trees that lead to viewing terraces, to hidden benches, or to the sculpture of Diana. The park is overgrown and the paths are hardly recognisable. Even the vegetable garden that used to be carefully cared for before World War II is barely distinguishable today.</p> <p>Source: slovenia.info</p>
In the Cultural Center of the Institute ARS VIVA we are aware of the need for intercultural dialogue, with an emphasis on sustainable rural development. Our center includes: a hostel with 29 beds, suite with 14 beds, a museum with a multi-purpose room, art gallery, outdoor theater and facility renovated old house. Ars Viva Institute was established as a non-profit organization that operates in the public interest and the public welfare and the funds raised on the market fund its activities. The Institute together a number of experts in different areas: the disabled, artists, publishers, experts in art history and cultural heritage, social work, environmental protection, planning and management, theater, etc. This ensures that the institution deals with problems of a comprehensive and balanced, and that is not under the influence of a single discipline or interest groups. The Institute also operates independently from the world-belief systems and political party divisions.


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