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близу  Kruščice, Republic of Srspka (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail Montenergro - Bosnia Herzegovina bordercrossing hike 

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<b>Trnovačko Lake</b> (Trnovačko jezero) is a lake beneath&nbsp;the heights of Mountain Maglić, best known for its heart-like shape. Located at an altitude of 1517 metres, it is popular with local summer campers. It is 700 metres long and 400 metres wide, and set amidst a "huge amphitheater of rocky peaks". The lake drains from Maglić, the Maja e Vjelakut and the Bioč hill ranges. The lake water has a deep green-blue colour.
Maglić is the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina at an elevation of 2,386 metres. It lies within the Sutjeska National Park.
Der Sutjeska Nationalpark ist der &auml;lteste Nationalpark in Bosnien und Herzegowina und beeindruckt mit schroffen Felsen, glasklaren Bergseen, mit Blumen &uuml;bers&auml;ten Wiesen und einem der letzten Urw&auml;lder Europas. Der Nationalpark liegt rund 70 km s&uuml;d&ouml;stlich von Sarajevo an der montenegrinischen Grenze und erstreckt sich &uuml;ber eine Fl&auml;che von 175 km&sup2;. <p>Am Ostrand des Parks befindet sich der 2386 m hohe Maglić, der h&ouml;chste Gipfel des Landes. Zudem befindet sich im Park einer der letzten Urw&auml;lder Europas, der Perućica. Auf den Bergh&auml;ngen wachsen bis zu 60 m hohe Buchen und endemische Schwarzkiefern, die den uralten und einzigartigen Wald sch&uuml;tzen. Weitere Sehensw&uuml;rdigkeiten im Sutjeska Nationalpark sind der Wasserfall Skakavac, der &uuml;ber 75 m in die Tiefe st&uuml;rzt, das eindrucksvolle Zelengora Gebirge sowie die Neretva, Herzegowinas wichtigster Fluss.</p>
New attractive accommodation in the Sutjeska National Park!<br /> At Prijevor locality at 1700 MASL, just beneath Maglić Mountain, there is new accommodation built in a traditional style, fully equipped&nbsp;to satisfy the needs of any&nbsp;hiker. Three summer pasture huts have a total capacity of 18 beds, with a bathroom and small kitchen inside. <p>You can prepare meals yourself or you can arrange it with the park staff &ndash; you can even order&nbsp;a full board.</p>
Maglić towers above you and a&nbsp;whole chain of Dinaric peaks spreads in front of you. In the distance you can see Trnovacki Durmitor, Studenac and Badanj at Volujak and Zelengora mountains. During the summer, you can take a break at pasture huts on Prijevor and enjoy traditional food, like mountain cheese and cream cheese with bread baked under the sač. Prijevor viewpoint is located at 1668 MASL.
Pra&scaron;uma Perućica je jedna od najvećih i najočuvanijih pra&scaron;uma u Evropi, nalazi se unutar nacionalnog parka Sutjeska i po IUCN kategorizaciji pripada kategoriji strogi prirodni rezervat. Naučna i obrazovna vrijednost drevne &scaron;ume Perućice poznata je jo&scaron; od 1956. godine,&nbsp;a Park je pod za&scaron;titom UNESCO-a. <p>Perućica se nalazi između najvi&scaron;ih planinskih vrhova Maglića (2386 m), Volujaka (1978 m) i Snježnice (1804 m), a od Zelengore dijeli je kanjon Sutjeske. Povr&scaron;ina pra&scaron;ume iznosi 1434 ha.</p> <p>U sredi&scaron;tu pra&scaron;ume Perućice nalazi se vodopad Skakavac, hidrogeolo&scaron;ki fenomen, koji se obru&scaron;ava sa visine 80 metara.</p> <p>Perućica se odlikuje visokim biodiverzitetom flore i faune, visokovrijednim pejzažima, &scaron;umskim zajednicama koju čine crna i bijela joha, hrast kitnjak, grab i crni bor, predplaninska bukva i klekovina bora, smreka, jela, i mnoge druge vrste. Ovdje obitavaju rijetke, ugrožene i endemične biljne i životinjske vrste.</p> <p>Posjeta pra&scaron;umi moguća je samo uz najavu i prisustvo vodiča iz Nacionalnog parka Sutjeska.</p>
Izleti&scaron;te Suha nalazi se na 6-om kilometru od Tjenti&scaron;ta na putnom pravcu prema Gacku. Suha je bila poznato Titovo odmori&scaron;te.&nbsp; Mjesto je &nbsp;idealno za organizovanje izleta.&nbsp; Izleti&scaron;te je takođe okruženo &scaron;umom i brdima. U Suhoj se nalazi veliki ljetnjikovac namjenjen za odmor kao i za ručak u prirodi. <p>Nacionalni park &bdquo;Sutjeska&ldquo; pruža uslugu organizovanja ručka po cjenovniku (u zavisnosti od izbora menija).</p>
<b>Sutjeska National Park </b>is the oldest and largest national park in BiH and its great worth&nbsp;and beauty makes it a true gem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.&nbsp; It includes the area of Sutjeska in which also lies the&nbsp;Strict Nature Reserve Perućica, parts of mountains Maglić (2,386 m- highest peak in BiH), Volujak, Vučevo and Zelengora. Thanks to its&nbsp;well-kept, exceptional natural values, since 2000 NP Sutjeska has been listed in Category II of IUCN (UN department for conservation of nature and natural wealth). <p>NP Sutjeska is the most diverse complex of ecosystems in BiH and one of most diverse in South-Eastern Europe. &nbsp;It is characterized by exceptional beauty and a diversity of landscapes, ranging from mild valleys, dense forest complexes, mountain pastures to high mountain massifs found throughout the Park.&nbsp; On Zelengora Mountain there are eight glacial lakes popularly called &ldquo;mountain eyes&rdquo;, and&nbsp;other notable features of the area include the&nbsp;deep canyons of Sutjeska, Hrčavka and Jabučnica and crystal clear mountain rivers rich in brook trout.&nbsp; The fundus of wild life and rare plants, some of them endemic, is rich and precious.&nbsp; In the very heart of the park is the Strict Nature Reserve Perućica (1,434 ha), the best-preserved and largest rainforest in Europe, where any element of human intervention has been strictly forbidden since the National Park was established.</p> <p>Many monuments of ancient as well as&nbsp;more recent history can be found in National Park Sutjeska.</p> <p>(source:npsutjeska.net)</p>
Hotel Mladost is located in Tjenti&scaron;te, National Park Sutjeska. It has been totally renovated and equipped with a modern interior to meet the needs of the guests and sport crews that visit NP Sutjeska or those who just pass through it. The hotel&rsquo;s kind staff will welcome you with a smile and provide you with all needed information so your stay in the hotel and the National Park is pleasant and memorable.
Omladinski kamp na Tjenti&scaron;tu nalazi se u neposrednoj blizini rijeke Sutjeske, sportskih terena, sportsko-rekreativnog kupali&scaron;ta povr&scaron;ine 16 000 m&sup2; i hotela &bdquo;Mladost&ldquo;. Uživanje i odmor na mjestima koja su okružena netaknutom prirodom zadivljujuće ljepote, ne samo &scaron;to povoljno utiče na zdravlje, već i pruža idealne uslove za razonodu, kako za mlađu tako i za stariju populaciju. <p>U kampu se nalaze dva bungalova, ro&scaron;tiljnica, dva ljetnjikovca i toaleti sa tu&scaron; kabinama.</p> <p>Kapacitet prvog bungalova: 8 ležaja. Kapacitet drugog bungalova: 4 ležaja.</p> <p>Kapacitet kampa (smje&scaron;taj u &scaron;atorima) : oko 300 osoba.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
This small but very pleasant accommodation in the newly built guesthouse Maglić offers you a nice stay in the quiet surroundings of National Park Sutjeska. Located in the central part of Tjenti&scaron;te, you can enjoy beautiful nature and hiking along Maglić and Zelengora mountains. A must see is Perućica, one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, which can only be explored in the company of rangers. <p>Domestic food and friendly service will make you stay even longer than planned.</p>
The name Tentorium is a Latin word for &lsquo;tent&rsquo; or &lsquo;camp&rsquo;, and Tjenti&scaron;te was named after it. Accommodation with 6 double rooms is located in a family home just 1 kilometer away from the restaurant Tentorium. The Sutjeska River runs very close to the house and the views are amazing. We can offer you camping sites for camp houses, vans or tents just next to the restaurant.
Milanko&rsquo;s son is a National Park ranger and owns an 8 seater bus that can be used for transferring guests. They own an old style house with three separate rooms, 6 beds and a bathroom. One of the oldest churches in Bosnia is located just few meters from the house. <p><b>Contact person:</b> Vladičić Milanko</p>
As true lovers of tourism we are constantly aiming to provide friendly and high quality service. Beside accommodation we can provide you with different types of hiking adventures in nature or sightseeing in the memorial center of the park. The house is located just after the incredible Suspension Bridge and it has three rooms with total capacity of 12 beds and two bathrooms.


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