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близу  Umoljani, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail Bosnia Herzegovina

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The owners wanted to make an environmentally friendly house so they built it using natural materials like wood and stone. Respecting the old-fashioned architecture, and in order to fit in with the authentic ambience of the Bjelasnica Mountain, they followed the traditional way of building houses.
Das kleine Dorf Umoljani liegt rund 40 km südwestlich der Landeshauptstadt Sarajewo. Bis auf die Moschee wurde während des Krieges in den 90er Jahren fast das ganze Dorf zerstört, doch mittlerweile sind die Häuser wieder aufgebaut. Eine Besonderheit sind die mittelalterlichen Grabsteine, die rund um Umoljani zu finden sind. Kleiner Tipp: In einer kleinen Hütte zwischen Umoljani und Gradina serviert Emin, ein Bewohner des Dorfes, typische Speisen.
Pretpostavlja se da je krajem XVI ili početkom XVII vijeka, na ovom istom mjestu,  podignuta  džamija-brvnara, koja je u tom obliku postojala sve do 1882.godine, kada je srušena, a na njenom mjestu sagrađena je džamija od kamena koja od tada nije mijenjala svoj izgled sve do današnjih dana. Postoje neki izvori u kojima se navodi da u ovoj džamiji tokom Drugog svjetskog rata,  čuvana i  sarajevska  Hagada.
The village is located on Mt. Bjela&scaron;nica, in a landscape of outstanding beauty with a high degree of biodiversity of both flora and fauna.&nbsp; To the right of the road, about 1.5 km before entering the village, is a slope known as Dolovi on which there are 47 stećak tombstones (six slabs, 32 chests, five tall chests and four gabled).&nbsp; Decorations can be found on 13 tombstones - four slabs, three tall chests, four chests and two gabled). The decorative motifs represented in this necropolis are cable twist, lines in relief and reverse relief, a vine with a trefoil, a vine with spirals, a stylized cross, a Latin cross, a shield, a sword, a circle, and a round-dance scene - the dance of death with eight human figures. Most of the tombstones lie north-south with minor deviations, but 13 lie west-east. <p>Source: Unesco World Heritage List</p>
Drstva is one of the notable peaks on Visočica Mountain. It has an altitude of 1811 MASL.
Visočica was probably named for its&nbsp;many high peaks. Visočica is a plateau that&nbsp;slopes from its northern peaks of around 1400 meters ASL to South &ndash; village Bjelimići, and then quite steeply up to Neretva valley. The slopes of Visočica in North and West head to the Rakitnica river. Center of the mountain is divided by Ljeljen ridge, where&nbsp;the highest peaks are Džamija (1967 MASL), Veliki (Great) Ljeljen (1963 MASL) and Mali (Small) Ljeljen (1860 MASL). <p>Northern part, 1300-1400 MASL, is rich with pastures, and southern part is covered with forests. Visočica area is quite poor with water. Springs are found mostly amongs sheperds yards, which are almost completely gone by now. Below the northern slopes of the mountain are villages Bobovica, Ozimine, Đulba&scaron;ići, Pervizi i Sinanovići. Below southern slopes, there are more villages - Luka, Ježeprasina, Bjelimići, Gradeljina, Svijenča, Argud and in SW Dužani, Blaca, Dudle, Gru&scaron;ća and Prebilje.</p> <p>Natural amphitheater is created by the surrounding&nbsp;peaks Vito ( 1960 MASL ), Subar ( 1820 MASL ), Veliko brdo ( 1884 MASL ) and Drstva ( 1808 MASL ) amongst which is Veliko jezero &ndash; Great Lake ( 1660 MASL ). In the southern part of mountain, below Ljeljen ridge, NE of Veliki Ljeljen peak is Veliko jezero (Great Lake) or Kolečića bara (Kolečića pond) &ndash; on 1670 MASL. Those springtime lakes, though, tend to dry out quickly in&nbsp;the summer.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>The lodge is located just beneath Visocica mountain. It is 51 km from Sarajevo, located at 1210 meters above sea level between the village Pervizi and Sinanovići, right next to the new road. The&nbsp;lodge is managed and maintained by Mountain Club "Treskavica".</p> <p>Mountain Lodge "Vrela" has a well-equipped kitchen, large meeting room (about 50 seats), small guest room (about 20 seats), 5 toilets and showers, central heating, solid fuel, electricity, water and a telephone.</p>


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