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близу  Diva Grabovica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Hiking Via Dinarica White Trail Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Vilinac is located below the eponymous peak Čvrsnica &ndash; Veliki Vilinac 2112 MASL. The lodge is located at 1961 MASL and has 40 beds. It was built in 1939. The position of the mountain hut on Vilinac will offer you an unforgettable view of the slopes of Čvrsnica (the highest peak -- Plocno 2228 mn / v), Pestibrda, the most attractive alpine climbing rocks in Balkans (Veliki Kuk), and the complete range of Prenj with all its peaks over 2000 MT / v. <p>It is a smaller building, consisting of a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor and dormitories in&nbsp;the attic. The lodge is supplied with drinking water from two sources: a pit, which is located in the immediate vicinity, and from a pipe inside the lodge. The toilet is outdoors.</p>
Veliki Vilinac is the second highest peak on Čvrsnica Mountain
The Saint Elijah&rsquo;s Church and Masna Luka Monastery complex is located in Blidinje Nature Park. Masna Luka is a Franciscan monastery located at a height of 1200 meters. The artistically decorated church of St. Elias is also part of the monastery.
Capacity is 12 persons, heating: wood, toilets inside the building. Guests should bring a sleeping bag. Altitude: 1350 m.
Mountain lodge is under construction.
The administration building of Nature Park Blidinje is still under construction. In addition to offices, administration facilities and a conference room, part of the building is preconceived as an accommodation wing. It is planned to be a meeting point for researchers, biologists, nature conservationists, and all other nature/wildlife enthusiasts. <p>The total capacity of this mountain lodge will count 30 beds in double or triple room units, as well as kitchen facilities.</p>
Motel Hajducke Vrleti at an altitude of 1200 meters was opened in the summer of 1999 and today is, without doubt, a must stop for all visitors. The interior of the motel is filled with historical motifs and various valuable antiques which perfectly suit to the ambience of the whole building. The motel will surely warm up the entire atmosphere with their home offer &ndash; they serve only traditional local specialties. If you choose roasted veal under the bell, lamb, boiled dried mutton with sauerkraut or any other dish, the owner of the motel and restaurant Vinko Vukoja guarantees gastronomic delight due to naturally produced and healthy food. Hajducke Vrleti procure solely locally grown food, even dairy, wheat and rye flour for your homemade bread.
Treatment recommended.
The lodge is a two story building, consisting of dormitories on the first floor and in the loft/attic, and a kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. It is under a renovation process and most of the work on the main floor has been completed, as well as for the central heating in the whole building. <p>There are 3 separate room units, with 20 beds in total,&nbsp; with the possibility of extra space on the attic floor. The lodge also has central heating. There are indoor bathrooms and showers.<br />It is accessible by vehicle.</p>


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