2.074 m
975 m
14,9 km

Погледана 120 пут(a), скинута са сервера 10 пут(a)

близу Vusanje (Montenegro)

Vusanje - valbone


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  • Слика од dipasari

    dipasari 12.08.2019.

    Hello, I am interested in doing the same trail you followed and I was wondering that as it seems to be a trek outside the "normal" peaks of the balkans, if you had any difficulties with the marking, or crossing the border. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • pjdl 12.08.2019.

    We had no problems following this path. It was fairly easy to find with this gps track. However the descent tot valbona was quite steep but not dangerous at all. Enjoy!

  • Слика од dipasari

    dipasari 13.08.2019.

    Thanks a lot for your reply. One more question, in terms of the border crossing permit did you apply by yourself or with an agency?

  • pjdl 13.08.2019.

    We applied for the visa on zbulo.org. I think that's the easiest way to do. Never had to show it anywhere...

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