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Uploaded 30.12.2018.

Recorded децембар 2018

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близу  Lyons, Queensland (Australia)

Video of The Secret Caves -

Flinders Peak Secret Caves.... This trail goes around Mt Flinders via Scott's Track fire trail ridge line. Once on the south Eastern side, a bit of bush bashing as I was locating an old logging trail which was very overgrown... But I also found what is called The Slide.... an old steep trail up the mountain. Certainly not used much but is there.

Once on the southern side, just started going up and up and up. No trail, just good old fashion bush bashing going up, but was veering left as I knew the Secret Caves were in that vicinity. Kept pressing on.... and then finally found it.... and what a gem it is! The Cave is massive although the ground is very steep and loose. Rock climbers have already mounted their hooks around the mouth of the Cave. Wikiloc went a bit screwy in the Cave so you'll notice the trail went a bit strange. Disregard that.

Then exited the cave and continued going up and up and up. Very exposed rocky terrain and overgrown, but kept going up until I reached the top and saw the familiar track the leads up to the summit. This is near a fenced off section on the main track.... Now I know why it is fenced off as they don't want average Joe's attempting the caves as it can be dangerous terrain.... Nor could it be called "Secret" anymore. ;-)

I didn't bother going up to the summit this time but rather achieved my goal of finding The Secret Cave... and exploring the southern side of the amazing Flinders Peak.

Heaps of photos taken and waypoints plotted for your viewing pleasure. Hope it helps the next poor soul that wants to explore a different side to one of SE QLD greatest mountains.

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    Deboots71 31.12.2018.

    Fantastic reviews on your circuit explored .. glad you got to experience the caves 😀 yes..definitely for the experience!!!

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