398 m
-1 m
11,93 km

Погледана 12 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу Ágios Geórgios, South Aegean (Greece)

Following the paved road from the port to the village (Panaghia), just over 4 km we continue to climb taking the detour to Merichas (path 2), a long staircase will take us after about 1.5 km to a vantage point. from here ends the heard and to connect to the path 1 you have to climb on the rocks, not very difficult but challenging, then it becomes easier and after about 600/700 meters we connect to the path 1. Once we reach the highest point we continue here inventing in the bushes a path that goes down to the path 3/4 on the opposite side. From here we descend from the path 4 to reach the old town then the 7, the 8 to arrive so again at the port


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