2.529 m
1.882 m
12,78 km

Погледана 5964 пут(a), скинута са сервера 165 пут(a)

близу  Poslenište (Montenegro)

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Није то што сам био цорсаир, али то је било невероватно путовање које је било све време, супер пејзаж са митским, добар узбрдо и коначно занимљив скок до врха Боботовог Кук, (скоро) највише Црне Горе на 2522м.
А, и брзи повратак у "кантину" са пивом и јагњетом.

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  • Слика од igavio

    igavio 13.11.2009.

    Το τελικο ανεβασμα στην κορυφη https://el.wikiloc.com/mountaineering-diadromes/2009-08-25-montenegro-bobotov-kuk-615050/photo-174269

  • Слика од kaskamotz

    kaskamotz 13.09.2011.

    can you help me with this mountain? i want go there in october.
    is difficult? is neccessary spacial material for climbing this mountain?
    scuse my poor english, is a lot of time that i dont speake this lenguage!!!

  • Слика од igavio

    igavio 14.09.2011.

    It is a nice route. You need to get to the start of the trail, near a small bar. Then walk fast on the trail. The view is magnificent: around there are steep tops very impressive to see. We went there during August and it was hot - no snow at all. I don't know about October, since our group is not local, we are Greeks. Technically only the last ascent to the steep top is challenging, but not too hard (except if it is raining or snowy).

    If the weather is good, you need no special equipment. Just be careful because the last part of the ascent to the top is narrow trail and you need to scramble at some points. Yet the view to the lakes is awesome.

  • Слика од vsync

    vsync 30.07.2016.

    Hi, is the trek almost 9 hours including the way back? (which is the same way both sides)

  • Слика од igavio

    igavio 02.08.2016.

    Yes, that's right.

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