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2.678 m
1.931 m
6,25 km

Погледана 973 пут(a), скинута са сервера 33 пут(a)

близу Strmec na Predelu, Bovec (Slovenija)

An "Italian route" is an easiest way to reach the summit of Mangart (2.679 m ASL) that requires no climbing equipment (a helmet may come handy though) or experience. There´re some "climbing" passages secured by steel ropes but it could be done just with some basic sure-footedness and essential caution.

There´s another route to ascend to the peak (a "Slovenian route") which can be classified as a proper "via ferrata". It could be done without climbing equipment but I wouldn't recommend to do that.

The starting point can be reached by car (6 EUR toll) and there´s a pretty good chalet on the plateau beneath the mountain serving local dishes and drinks.

An intersection of Slovenian and Italian trails going to the summit



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  • Bruno Orzan 14.10.2018.

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    Escursione facile. Serve il casco. Vista bellissima. Dai 12 I 70 Anni

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