• Слика од Mt Barney - 4 Peaks
  • Слика од Mt Barney - 4 Peaks
  • Слика од Mt Barney - 4 Peaks
  • Слика од Mt Barney - 4 Peaks
  • Слика од Mt Barney - 4 Peaks
  • Слика од Mt Barney - 4 Peaks

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Uploaded 25.05.2012.

Recorded мај 2012

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1.358 m
216 m
21,56 km

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близу  Tylerville, Queensland (Australia)

This was awesome 2 day hike ascending North Ridge to North Peak across to East Peak then down to Rum Jungle, camping at the old hut site. The next day we ascended West Peak on a well trodden tack and down Midget Ridge to Bippoh Peak and on to Barney Gorge Junction. Currently there is no discernible track down Midget Ridge and the undergrowth most of the way was extremely thick and prickly. However, worth the effort. We exited via the trail between Barney Gorge camp site and Lower portals and then back to Yellowpinch via the fire trail.

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  • Слика од Scruhland

    Scruhland 03.03.2014.

    Any idea how difficult ascending North Ridge would be if there had been some rain? Planning on ascending North Ridge to East Peak then heading down Peasant's this weekend. I've completed South East (ascended and descended) and Peasants so far and this looks like the next step. Any help is much appreciated

  • Слика од Shatkins

    Shatkins 03.03.2014.

    As with all ascents of Barney there is no easy way. However, North Ridge is no harder than SE Ridge. It is used often as a decent route after Leaning or Eagles. Access to the ridge can be gained by following Logan's Ridge trail from Yellowpinch or Rocky creek from Lower Portals car park. North ridge starts with a cliff break close to Rocky Creek and can be easily climbed by following the cliff to the right (north) until an easy route can be found. Be aware you are crossing private property from Yellowpinch to the National park locked gate.
    Hope this helps.

  • Слика од Hereandthere

    Hereandthere 09.05.2016.

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    Yes. Awesome describes it well. Followed the GPX and had loads of fun. Love the exposed rock scrambling and off track. Nice route. I am not a super duper hiker by any stretch of the imagination, so day 2 was a real push for me. Feeling a bit sore!

  • eatmorchikin 09.07.2017.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Did this trail over 2.5 days. Slight variation to use south ridge (peasants) as it was wet and we were walking in the dark. Fantastic walk. Midget ridge is fully off trail - no trail or flagging. Quite

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