Број тачака 449

Uploaded 16.01.2017.

1.676 m
354 m
29,33 km

Погледана 294 пут(a), скинута са сервера 1 пут(a)

близу Salek, Velenje (Slovenija)

Biking from Velenje to Gaberke, follow Velunja river valley, until the cross-rod after Lapovćnik, where I parked the bike.
Walk up trough the forest to Radman, and following the Uršljegorska Transverzala road, until Skobir.
Take the path to get to the mountain path 1.
Get to Križan where the path up to Uršla hill starts.
And... climb up!!!! until the top!

As always, same way back (this time for me was under the stars...! after seeing the sunset on the top!!!). So:
The 19km by bike + 10 walking one way, become total of around 60km.
And the elevation accumulated, in both ways, up and also down, become 1973m



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