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Број тачака  3300

Uploaded 24.07.2011.

Recorded август 2010

1.991 m
108 m
24,17 km

Погледана 2583 пут(a), скинута са сервера 34 пут(a)

близу  Gornja Grabovica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A round hiking trip from Diva Grabovica valey throught via ferrata path to mountain hut Velinac. Return throught Zli Potok via ferrata path.

This is a 2 day hike with a sleepover in the Velinac mountain hut.
A small lake
07-KOL-10 10:01:37AM
08-KOL-10 9:58:52AM
08-KOL-10 9:56:43AM
08-KOL-10 12:19:12PM
07-KOL-10 7:38:24AM
07-KOL-10 7:52:28PM
07-KOL-10 3:35:52PM
07-KOL-10 6:16:25PM
07-KOL-10 5:30:04AM
07-KOL-10 5:48:46PM
08-KOL-10 1:52:48PM
08-KOL-10 7:14:13AM


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