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Uploaded 25.03.2016.

Recorded март 2016

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близу  Wagait Beach, Northern Territory (Australia)

Mountain Bike trail of approximately 40 kilometers. From the Heritage wreck site of the USAAF B24 Bomber, along the North coast to Charles Point Lighthouse & then to the West coast beach. From the Rock Wall Beach a trail leads East back towards the old Radio Australia site before turning South West to the small beach on the North coast of Tapa Bay. From the beach return about 700mts to a difficult to find junction marked with a silver plate. A severely overgrown track runs almost due East for 3.7 kilometers to the perimeter fence & the bitumen Charles Point access road.
This ride should be done between spring & neap tides & leave at Sunrise or soon after.
There are crocodiles in the coastal swamps so do not proceed if the water is more than 150mm deep. Best months are between April & October because the first swamp behind Two Fella Creek is drying out where the track crosses.
No water - no phone reception. If the tide is higher than 3.6mts [Darwin] the crossing at One Fella Creek mouth will be too deep to be safe.
Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9XgncGkrcY


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