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близу  Adelaide River, Northern Territory (Australia)

Mountain Bike route for experienced & fully equipped riders. Very hilly sections with loose rocks - also sandy sections near creeks. Some parts are not rideable. Track is easy to follow. Best between April & October & start before sunrise. Water becomes scarce after June. The "Drop Down" at approx 17km from Robin Falls carpark is steep & rocky & unstable & it would be very difficult to return up it with a bike.Creek crossings past this point are crocodile accessible - all but one are shallow & dry out by June.
Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09xLDcbJT-A
A few broken Beer Bottles from 1943 lie around the base of a prominent rock next to the track.
This is a tributary of the Adelaide River & is crocodile accessible. There is a safer & more shallow crossing about 150mts upstream
This is the Northern end of the Track from Adelaide River Town to the Daly River Road. Someone obligingly painted an arrow on the bitumen.
The junction approx 100mts from the bottom of the "Drop Down" is basically a right turn [NNE] to Adelaide River Town or a left turn to a crossing of the Adelaide River at 600mts & then on to the Daly River Road.


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