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близу Setcases, Catalunya (España)

Easy hike that will allow you to the high plateau east to Ull de Ter. This is very interesting in late spring and summer, when many bird species breed here. Also a late summer walk can yield interesting birds such as Dotter appart from other more common migrants. This is also a very good place to look for the Grey Partridge. Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture or Lammergeier are also lilkely to be seen at any time of the year.
Beware of wind and fog: even if the walk is easy they can turn it into a very unconfortable or even dangerous adventure!
Planinski prolaz

Portella de Morenç

Mesto za posmatranje ptica

Pla de Coma Ermada

Start scanning the alpine meadows for interesting birds such as Dotterel, Northern Wheater or Grey Partridges.
Planinski prolaz

Portella de Callau

The saddle before the last steep slope to the summit.

Roca Colom

This is a modest summit but much less busier than its neighbours.


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