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Uploaded 18.06.2012.

Recorded јун 2012

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3.100 m
1.180 m
22,03 km

Погледана 765 пут(a), скинута са сервера 5 пут(a)

близу  Pettneu, Tyrol (Austria)

Mit Bike und Firngleitern auf den Hohen Riffler. Super Bedingungen, leider schlechter Track.
Edmund Graf Hütte noch offiziell geschlossen, ein Bierchen haben wir aber trotzdem schon bekommen, und die Sonnenterasse war genial.

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    2871Rob 23.01.2017.

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    I only did the part to the shoulder on Jan 21-2017, which was quite easy but I guess it's the last part that is difficult. Check my route if you like. The GPS track was very useful and the Wikiloc off-line map is reasonably OK but you will want to use a paper map to get some more detail.

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