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близу Benagil, Faro (Portugal)

Perhaps the best kayaking in Algarve, including visits to the best "caves" ("grutas" in Portuguese) in the region. Astounding trip, really. However, keep in mind the following points:

-Navigate only on good days, many beaches have a flag system, navigate only when green flag is on, refrain from doing so with yellow or red flags. In any case, be careful when embarking or disembarking since on narrow beaches crossing waves can easily fill your kayak with water or flip you off.

-In Summer the intense and continuous traffic of small and not so small motor boats, both commercial and private, can be particularly annoying and even a little dangerous, since some of them don't seem to care about kayaks at all, particularly at Benagil's main cave.

-Also be careful when reaching the biggest and perhaps most beautiful "gruta", the one next to the Benagil beach (start point of this trail), since many people reach the "gruta" just by swimming to it for quite a long stretch in pretty cold waters.

It is an otherwise easy trip anyways, and me, my expecting wife, and my four year old son did it in a Wilderness Pamlico 145T tandem kayak. Yeah, that's (kind of) four people in a two people kayak! ;)


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