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Uploaded 16.11.2015.

Recorded новембар 2015

159 m
-104 m
32,86 nm

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близу  Cangai, New South Wales (Australia)

A challenging overnight kayak through beautiful country side, a variety of rapids (grade I-III), and the Clarence Gorge (requiring portage around waterfalls). The Mann River frequently splits into multiple channels and at one point we got caught in a small side one. Great care is required in the Gorge. The main (Rainbow falls must be bypassed, We bypassed the middle section of the Gorge altogether although some groups paddle this. The terrain is very rugged and portage is difficult. 30 km car shuffle required.
PaddleSafe NSW have a good online guide including information on water levels:
"The first 24km to just past the Clarence River Junction is quite gentle and consists of large, long pools interspersed with gravel races. A couple of rocky short drops and a few easy rapids occur in the latter stretches where the surrounding country steepens. Camping along the grassy banks is reasonably plentiful, and the colonies of black swans, schools of turtles and other wildlife add to the pleasant atmosphere. The smaller Clarence, tumbling from the left into a large pool, is met 2km before the Clarence Gorge is encountered. The Gorge should be approached with extreme caution, especially in higher water, as it has claimed several lives. A short rocky left-to-right grade 2 rapid after the pool occurs just before the falls. The Clarence Gorge consists of a 2km long rift in the solid volcanic rock base of the surrounding country and runs diagonally across the river. The river cuts its way down through this layer in four parallel falls which drop about 10m into a narrow passage between almost vertical walls. On approaching the falls keep as far to the right as practicable and pull into the bank frequently to inspect the route. Pull out a safe distance above the fall nearest to the right bank, which is a sheer waterfall of 10m into a small basin. Portage around this and, in low to medium water, carry down the sloping ridge to where the exit-rapid from this basin meets the main channel. A smaller 3m fall with a strong suckback which is too dangerous to paddle is encountered 500m farther on down the gorge, and this must be portaged. lf the water is at all high it is necessary, especially for less experienced paddlers, to continue the portage on the higher level around the sheer fall and continue until below the smaller fall, a total carry of at least 600m. It is strongly recommended that an overnight camp be made here, perhaps under the lone Moreton Bay Fig near the sheer fall, in order to allow adequate time f or the portaging and to explore and enjoy this grand and beautiful place. The Gorge ends as abruptly as it started, and the river settles down into a series of long pools joined by gentle races, with only one or two easy rapids over rocky bars and around boulders. This section would normally be canoeable in all but the driest of seasons, as the river has now become quite a large stream."


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