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Uploaded 09.11.2014.

Recorded новембар 2014

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1.930 m
475 m
332,93 km

Погледана 475 пут(a), скинута са сервера 17 пут(a)

близу Quesnel, British Columbia (Canada)

Sections very difficult, Dualsport bike single track. Carry fuel ,hatchet,and/or saw.Very scenic at top of Yanks

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  • Слика од Andrew Sutherland

    Andrew Sutherland 08.11.2016.

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    Great 2-day trail, or 1 day if you're pushing it. Definitely visit Quesnel Forks ghost town and rec site (only 15 mins out of the way) and the Snowshoe Creek goldrush cemetery before heading up Yank's Peak. Take note on the signs at the bottom of the hill what dates and locations are permissible for motorized vehicles and stay on the trails!

    There is also the Borland trail which cuts down the valley to the west of Yank's peak. Equally challenging and it ends up coming out on the Barkerville wagon road (near the far north side of Yank's Peak)

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