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близу  Elimbah, Queensland (Australia)

[QLD] - Kenilworth SF Exploring Dayout 13-05-2015 Had the chance again to go for a bit of Drive/Explore & this time up it was up through Kenilworth SF. My mate had recently purchased a '90's 4cyl Prado and wanted to test it out, so we headed off towards Kenilworth. Drove  past the T/O into Charlie Moreland's campground and kept going twds Kenilworth township, taking the 1st track we came across on the left hand side.... Never being in this section of the SF b4, it made it a little bit more  interesting with us coming to our 1st Hillclimb.... Not really being use to the Disco offroad yet, we decided to walk it 1st, then decided to give it a go.... but not b4 letting some air out of the tyres (down to 20psi). I was to be  1st to give it a go and being use to driving my fully locked little Zuke, I knew wheel placement would be important in a open diff Disco, but to my surprise it did it more easily than I thought it would.... Jeff's turn next in the  90's Prado & it went up easily w/o any issues. Both vehicles had the same size tyres - 235/85/16, mine with the cheaper Nexen M/T's & the Prado with Maxxis M/T's. I was impressed with the Maxxis and will look at them  when new tyres are required..... We kept on going up & up then down and down reaching a cross road where we decided to go straight ahead..... This is when we came to our 1st real be challenge with some steep washouts.... I gave it a few goes but  decided to call it when Jeff saw the lean I was on and said he wasn't going to give it a go, so it was no point trying any further and we backed down & out and took a different track heading down into the valley towards the  creek. Once we reached the creek we decided to veer left and follow the creek to see where it was to take us..... which turned out to be a good decision, coming across some great little clear water holes for swimming,  then beautlful little waterfall & swimming hole. Marked a waypoint on the GPS for a future return with the family. Stopping there for a bite, we cont'd to push on until we came to a dead-end. We back tracked a bit b4  turning left and upwards on a loose track, making it safely up to the top. From this point we headed nth twds Borumba Dam, stopping for Lunch at the local Forestry Tower. From here we cont'd nth twds a Lookout of  Borumba Dam, but turning off and down a track that I've been wanting to explore for a while.... I was hoping that it would lead down and to the Dam itself. The track seemed to be quite well maintained & used and we  eventually got down to the waters edge. What a great place to camp with the swag and fish..... another waypoint  was entered into the GPS as we stopped for a bit of a break and a look around. There was some other  tracks that seemed to lead further up & away from the Dam wall, but unfortunately the tracks were badly overgrown.... Once we finished having a good look around we headed off again along a track that I was hoping would lead us out and onto the bitumen and home. We eventually came to a gate which we were lucky to find unlocked and  we were back on the bitumen at the Borumba Dam wall where we aired up and made our way home...... Distance covered for the Day: 327kms Driving Time: 6hrs 13mins Total Time: 10hrs 8mins
620 m height
SteepHill (Turned_around)


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