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близу Kilcoy, Queensland (Australia)

My Defender's First Solo DayTrip

Well, after working on the Defender in what seems like forever in getting it to a stage where I feel confident when driving it, it was time to take it on its first solo bush trip, exploring parts of Bellthorpe SF and Kandanga Forest Reserve areas. From looking on Google Earth, I was curious to try and get to where the Powerlines come across the valley up to the top of the mountain & head to Jimna Township. I thought this would give some

excellent views out across the valley, especially with everything looking nice and green for a change. From Kilcoy, I headed north and turned off onto 10 Mile Road which to my surprise has now got bitumen on it right to the top, stopping at the SF's entry point. 10 Mile meets up with the Jimna-Bellthorpe Rd. From here, I turned off on a couple of tracks on the left that I hoped would lead me to the edge of the mountain. I eventually found what I was looking for with the 1st one being Yielo Lookout. This spot gives you some beautiful out across the vally below, but wasn't the one that I was looking for. So, after a few photos, it was off again trying to find the access point to the powerlines.

I came to a little side track that from my GPS, could be the only one that would lead me to where I was trying to get to so I turned off and headed down this track which did eventually take me to the destination I had been wanting to get to.... Upon arrival, it was time to take the usual photos and take some time to just soak in the beautiful scenery.

From here it was off to my next destination - a track marked on my GPS that I didn't think it would exist due to the steepness of the terrain and where the track went. On my way there I took a few side tracks, one being to Peachtrees but coming in from the back way off Yielo & Tungi Rds. This little camp area is a beautful little spot to stop at and it's been done up a bit now too. Plenty of Kangaroos just lazing around as well.

I continued north along the Kilcoy-Murgon rd, eventually turning right onto Kandanga Creek Rd and then taking the 2nd Right track. This eventually lead me to where I wanted to get to - a track named "Bluebell Break" track. The track wasn't overgrown like I thought it might have been, so I continued along eventually reaching the steep section. With the track still looking in pretty condition, I pressed on and continued to head down, stopping at the next steep section where it dropped into the creek. Here, I got out and went on foot to check out the track further on and to see what it was like and whether it was possible(safe) to drive. The track dropped into a beautiful rocky little creek with a couple of nice little swimming holes. The track crossed over the creek and up the side. I walked up the steep other side to try and gauge whether the track kept going or suddenly stopped.

From the amount I walked I assumed it kept going, so I turned around and made my way back to the Landy and headed on down to the creek, crossing the rocky section and up the other side and before I knew it, I was up and out the other side and back onto the main road. I had been along this main road a quite few times before & had always missed this side track, which is easy to do when u see where it comes out.

With me achieving my goals I decided to head back home via Manumbar Rd & also calling into check out an old Fire Tower that we came across at Gallangown. After nearly getting myself lost in the local Pine Plantation Forests and eventually finding my way out and made my way to the location of the old Fire Tower. On arrival, I was sadly disappointed to find that they had knocked down the Tower. Now, this tower was identical in size and height to the one at Jimna. I decided to stop for a bit to have a bite to eat and give the Landy the quick once over to ensure all was ok and also to see what sort of scratches I've added to the paintwork when trying to navigate my way out of the plantation forest. From this point, it was time to start making my way back home in a round about sort of way, calling into check out the local Gallangown Forestry Office. This is where I found what is left of the old Fire Tower - the Top Observatory section.

I headed north out onto Manumbar Rd and then west and then south along Western Branch Rd that chris-crosses the Brisbane River all the way down to Linville. From here it was back out onto the H'way at Moore and home via Kilcoy, reaching home a little after 5.30pm.

The days stats:
Distance travelled: 456kms
Driving Time: 8hrs37mins
Stopped Time: 2hrs50mins
909 Yielo Rd Jimna, QLD, 4515, AUS


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