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близу Eatons Hill, Queensland (Australia)

Trip Stats:
Vehicle: '95 LR Defender 110 Tdi300 Wgn
Distance: 1123kms
Time Frame: 3 days
Economy: 11.8ltrs/100kms
LINK to all the photos: https://postimg.cc/gallery/elbz3u8u/

Day.1 (363kms / DT:7h22min):
Headed off around 7am and made my way down to Beaudesert for Breaky, then continued down through Rathdowney; Woodenbong and Urbanville where I turned sth along Paddys Flat Road. Came to a nice little river crossing called Billy Mays Point. I could driven across the normal way over the bridge but where's the fun in that, so I took the little side track through the river. Continued until I reached another spot I had come across in a previous trip - Paddys Flat Comping along the Clarence River (near where the Cataract River meets). Some nice little free spots here to camp as well. Drove around checking the area out for future camping. Came across someone's camping gear that they either had left behind or it may have been left for some hikers....
Continued along until a reached Sugarbag Rd which I turned onto. There was a No Through Road sign that I past which concerned me as the map I had showed it continuing through to Drake. Wasn't long before I came to the End of the "normal" road but the road (aka track) continued. It was a nice to get offroad and I followed this road for a few kms where it popped out the other side onto another formed dirt road. Reached the little town of Drake where I came across a strange name for a Hotel "Lunatic Hotel" - can only imagine the clientele... From town I turned onto Long Gully Rd then onto Rocky River Road. This section of the road was quite windy but the scenery was great. The road followed the Timbarra River with some great camping areas along the way.

Turned off Rocky River Rd onto Upper Rocky River Rd then continued along to see how far the road went. Came to where the road crossed the river and thought it was a suitable place to turn around. As time was getting away on me, I turned around and headed back to where I had to turn off into the bush and onto my first bit of offroading - Billyrimba Trail. Nothing hard about the trail, just a bit steep, but easy. Finally made it to the top and turned onto Billyrimba Lookout Trail. This was I decided to make camp for the night.... Not a bad choice I thought.

Day.2 (283kms / DT:5h37min):
Not really knowing what the road conditions were going to be like, I packed up and headed off early to see what laid ahead.... nothing exciting at least.. Upon reaching the Gwydir Hwy, I headed NW to my next Destination for the Night - Lemontree Flat Campgrounds in the Kwiambal NP. Along the way I stopped at the following spots: Town of Emmaville; Pindari Dam; Ashford Limestone Caves; MacIntyre Falls.

Day.3 (477kms / DT:6h37min):
Final Day and the the long drive home, but not before doing a little exploring of some tracks in the local area, which lead to some hidden gems. Reached my final destination of HOME by about 3pm, giving me enough time to unpack and then plan/pack for our next trip :)
NSW-Billyrimba L/O
6779 Riverton Rd Riverton, QLD, 4385, AUS
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