• Слика од Anzac weekend exploring wrattens and Amamoor State Forests
  • Слика од Anzac weekend exploring wrattens and Amamoor State Forests
  • Слика од Anzac weekend exploring wrattens and Amamoor State Forests
  • Слика од Anzac weekend exploring wrattens and Amamoor State Forests
  • Слика од Anzac weekend exploring wrattens and Amamoor State Forests
  • Слика од Anzac weekend exploring wrattens and Amamoor State Forests

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Uploaded 25.04.2017.

Recorded април 2017

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близу Gympie, Queensland (Australia)

[Qld] Trip Report - Anzac Weekend Brooyar; Wrattens & Amamoor SF's Trip

Distance Travelled: 531kms
Driving Time: 11hrs 23mins
Fuel Economy for Trip: 13.3ltrs/100kms (fully loaded)
Link to a hillclimb at Amamoor that we mucked around on. The video's a bit rough, but u get the idea: https://youtu.be/PYyo9uQ5Ao0
Link to Photos here: http://s217.photobucket.com/user/macca67/library/LANDROVER%20related/LANDROVER%20TRIPS/2017AnzacAmamoorWeekend
Well, with another long weekend (sort of) it was decided that we needed to make use of it, so 3 families got together and planned a short overnighter, exploring the areas that I had been to before, but always enjoy returning to. The Plan was to head north to Gympie, then turn left towards Kilkivan, but then turning off to visit and check out the Glastonbury Campgrounds (go for a bit of a explore around there) then head back out via Point Pure (great L/O & where they do Rock Climbing/Abseiling) and Eagles Nest. From there it would be back on the Hwy towards Kilkivan and then turning south to check out the Mount Clara Smelter Chimney and continue southwards to our planned camp at Cedar Grove at Amamoor SF.... That was the sort of plan anyway...

Due to kids weekend sporting commitments, we headed off early Monday morning and made good time to stop for a well deserving early morning coffee and a bite to eat before continuing onwards to get to our 1st destination - Glastonbury Campgrounds. This turned out to be a great to camp as they have appeared to improved it some what from the last time I was there - except for the Toilet block :( I was questioned as to where
the track continued through the park and I smilingly said to a possible mud hole..... Well, we had to go and check it out and yes, we found some mud :) As I was the tour guide, it was me who was to test out the mud hole and luckily, it had a firm base and we both got through without any issues. From there we followed the tracks that I had shown on my GPS and we just did a bit of a loop and then made our way back out via the main entrance of the campgrounds and onto our next stop - Point Pure Lookout. This is always a beautiful spot with a great lookout. This time we also got to watch some Rock Climbers climb up the vertical cliff - very impressive. Time was getting on and we pushed onwards, calling into see Eagles Nest Lookout and back onto the Widebay Hwy to our next stop - Mount Clara Smelter Chimney.

Reached the Chimney in good time and let the mob out for a bit of a run around and to check the area out and it's history. From this point it was all offroad as we pushed on to our lunchtime destination - Mt Mia. The Threlkeld track is a loose and rocky track in parts but is definitely the more interesting way to get to our destination. Reached Mt Mia for a much deserved rest stop where we all took in the views and had a fantastic meal for lunch and a cold drink and just took in the scenery and the usual photos.

As time was starting to get away from us, we had to make some adjustments to a planned route to our nights camp, so we took a more direct route to Cedar Grove Campgrounds via some more forestry tracks, eventually coming out onto Harts Rd and followed that in towards town before again turning off and cutting across to our campsite for the night, reaching there around 4pm which still gave us enough daylight to setup in the light and wait for our 3rd vehicle to join us. With one of the guys having his birthday that day, we ended up having a great night around the campfire relaxing & having a few drinks and chatting about the day's adventures. With firewood looking a bit short in supply, us blokes decided to head back down the road to buy some and also make good use of the time and do a bit of night driving to test out the mate's birthday present - Great White Light-bar and spotties. All I can say is AWESOME Lights :) - The lit up the surrounding bushland and made night into daylight. About a 1.5hrs later, us blokes eventually made it back to camp with most of the kids already a sleep. We continued of campfire chats for a little bit before all of us headed of to get some well deserved sleep.

A lazily rise and breakfast for everyone and while the kids ran off playing and exploring the local area, the adults went about doing what they do - Packing up :( Once we were all packed, we headed off around 10am to start what would turn out to be a great day of 4wdriving. Not far from camp, we found a awesome steep track off and down to the left, so we walk a bit of it and decided to give it a go. All 3 cars headed down and we then suddenly came to a stop... We didn't quite walk far enough and we came across some serious washouts and what not. Upon not knowing if we continued down as to whether we could out the other side + the time used up to get ourselves back would seriously chew into our day so we decided to turn around and continue our exploring and leave that track for another time....

Not wanting to let a good hillclimb go to waste, I thought we would try and look for a way around and see if we could find a track that would lead us back to the base of the hillclimb. With a bit of searching, we managed to find a track and we all got to the base of the hillclimb that we had turned back on before. From the bottom looking up, it didn't look that impossible, but we did all have 3 heavily loaded vehicles. With a bit of discussion we ended up talking ourselves into it and I was the 1st cab off the rank. Again, the Disco impressed me with it's ability and as it climbed up without too much trouble until also at the top of the bad section, I slipped into a small washout that stopped my momentum. With a little bit of shovel work though, the Disco was up and off again to the top... next to go - the Defender 130.

To cut things short, the Defender took quite a few goes before the right line was found and he was up to the top but not before putting on a good show of lifting wheels and some interesting angles. Next to go was the Dual-Cab Dmax. He ended up making it about half way before not being able to get past a point where his read wheels kept falling into a washout. The Dmax must have a wider footprint than the Landy's as he just couldn't get past this washout. With time getting away fast, the decision was made to winch him up and over this section so we could continue our exploring. Once we all managed to get to the top and back out on the main road we decided to head back down to where they hold the Gympie Muster for lunch and let the kids run off some energy and kick the ball around.

After a late lunch we again headed off into the bush to see what tracks (hillclimbs) we could find, but time was quickly getting away from us and we decided to cut our exploring short and just make our way back home via Charlie Moreland and via the bush tracks. Its amazing how quickly these tracks change after a bit of rain..... Made it to Charlie Moreland's day area late in the day where we aired up and said our goodbyes and headed back down the highway and home....


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