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близу  Little Douglas, South Australia (Australia)

One day (long day) trip exploring the Coffin Bay National Park. The track starts at Black Springs Camp site, continues to Seven Mile Beach (nice beach driving), visits Morgans Landing camp site, which could be the best camp site in the park. Then the trail continues to Point Burgess and via The Pool campsite to Point Sir Isaac. There are magnificent views everywhere, secluded beaches with rocky cliffs. Plenty of wildlife can be see too, emus are quite common. The the track continues to Mullalong beach (not as nice as some). Then follows a long bumpy ride to Reef Point. Finally backtracking to Sensation Beach, which is sensational, and probably deserves a day visit alone. Then it is back to the Black Springs Camp. Track is not difficult, could be done with All wheel drive with high clearance, however access to Sensation Beach could be impossible with all wheel drive, you will need proper 4x4. You might also get into trouble on the Seven Mile beach if caught by high tight, as you will need to drive in a deep sand.
Access is not as easy as to the other beaches, you need to walk about 100 m from the car park
Some amazing views here
Most beautiful beach in the park


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