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близу Argalant, Төв Аймаг (Монгол улс)

Trail in the Hustai National Park in Mongolia. South West of UB. Emphasis is on the Turkic monuments, stone carvings and burial mounds and graves.
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Large burial mound

13-AUG-11 9:43:02
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'Deer' Turkic Grave Stone

13-AUG-11 12:10:40
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Row of Stones running south from Turkic Stone Monument

13-AUG-11 11:08:08

Gas Station Mongolian Style

13-AUG-11 14:02:17

Ger Camp

12-AUG-11 16:27:00
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Turkic Burial and Grave Stone

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Turkic Stone Monuments

13-AUG-11 11:04:10

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  • LLHTeam 27.08.2011.

    If you're interested in sightseeing the nature - the visatas are great - follow the trail. If you want to save time and focus on the Turkic monuments, focus on going straight to the waypoints. I took my many hours of looking and asking around to find the locations. As you can guess, no roads and no signage in these parks ...

  • Слика од azad!

    azad! 12.06.2014.

    there is such as this statues in Shahryeri nearby Ardabil of Iran.
    those are gathered in a constant place .

  • Слика од Johnny S

    Johnny S 13.04.2017.

    Fantastic. https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/hustai-national-park-turkic-monuments-trail-1979697/photo-718910

  • Слика од Johnny S

    Johnny S 13.04.2017.

    Wonderful. https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/hustai-national-park-turkic-monuments-trail-1979697/photo-718905

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