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  • Слика од Lost Knife Complete Trail
  • Слика од Lost Knife Complete Trail
  • Слика од Lost Knife Complete Trail
  • Слика од Lost Knife Complete Trail
  • Слика од Lost Knife Complete Trail
  • Слика од Lost Knife Complete Trail

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Uploaded 08.06.2015.

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1.582 m
1.426 m
20,59 km

Погледана 10970 пут(a), скинута са сервера 113 пут(a)

близу Waiparous, Alberta (Canada)

Easy to tough, Lots of ways to try, Big hill for a great lookout point

14 коментар(а)

  • Слика од jeep-wrangler

    jeep-wrangler 15.07.2015.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Was pretty dry and dusty, even after a good rain. Pretty easy trail, and lots of other trails around!

  • Слика од davidknox

    davidknox 13.05.2016.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Great fun trail easy to do with some good friends

  • Слика од mz.BB

    mz.BB 15.08.2016.

    Is this a good trail for a beginner with a stock jeep?

  • KorzaXJ 15.08.2016.

    It's do-able in a stock vehicle, but I would recommend have another vehicle with you in the event you get stuck. but for a beginner this is the best trail to do

  • Слика од mz.BB

    mz.BB 15.08.2016.

    Ok that makes sense there are 2 of us both with stock jeeps so we are just looking to do our first trail until we actually get mods. done next spring :)

  • SDDTurner 09.04.2017.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Drove Lost Knife in early April during the evening/night and was really good fun. Couple of long and very icy downhills but that'll thaw out and become very manageable soon enough.

  • Слика од frostyliam

    frostyliam 25.05.2017.

    Thoughts on taking this trail with 2 modified Subaru Outbacks? We will have good tires, snatch straps, traction recovery boards, full skidplates

  • Slanktapper 17.07.2017.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    The Original Lost Knife was doable in a stock vehicle with ease. However they close the last half, Currently at Marker 88 there is a cutline east-north-east that is a lot of fun in the dry but would get very "FUN" if it had recently rained. After August 30th 2017 they will reopen the north section but it will go east at marker 89 and then almost straight north at marker 93. From here it's a cutline out that has some great views in the middle but it's very technical if it's wet/snowy. Google: "ghost pluz" and download the latest PDF. and then stop at the kiosks to see if there are any closures

  • Twixxy666 25.09.2017.

    Pretty sure this is the trail I did today. Was pretty dry, but still fun. Where can I get maps for these trails? I got lost about 11km in and decided to turn around and go back. My disco had no issues getting through any of this.

  • Jack C 16.11.2017.

    I have a chevy equinox, is this doable for me in winter?

  • Slanktapper 16.11.2017.

    Jack C: No.

  • JeremyW426 03.07.2018.

    I've got a basically stock Silverado 4X4. I only have a front level kit so a little bit of extra clearance. I'm going in the middle of the summer when it should be a little drier. Is this at all doable for my truck? worst case scenario, I can always turn around if its too much I suppose.

  • kratos99 11.11.2018.

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Followed this trail yesterday in my stock Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. Moderate amount of loose snow covered the ground -- so hard to spot potholes.

    Before the last sharp bend (about 85% mark of the trail), the terrain was getting rocky underneath the snow cover and thin ice on mud bogs was cracking up with Jeep's weight. It was getting dark and we got down to spot hard ground, only to spot large bear foot marks & possibly its hair. We decided to turn back as we were alone and did not have a retrieving vehicle.

    It can get icy quickly in the mountains -- consider carrying a pair of tire chains.
    This trail is doable in midsize SUVs with decent ground clearance. Good luck!

  • Dylan Eckes 03.04.2020.

    Anyone know if this is open with everything going on with covid 19 right now?

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