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467 m
148,87 km

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близу  Mhamid, Souss-Massa-Drâa (Morocco)

pistas i plateaus hasta el oasis sagrado y pista con mucha piedra hasta Iriki que se cruza por el norte hasta el puesto de control, y mas piedras hasta Foum-zguid

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  • Слика од thomraider

    thomraider 30.01.2012.

    Thanks for your track.Have some experience with biking in Maroc (last year Tamegroute, Merzouga etc)Like to do this year pistes in desert with mountainbike and basic bagage with small shelter. Possible? Suggestions?
    Availability water? https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-4x4/mhamid-foum-zguid-687629/photo-422825

  • Слика од sondosdies

    sondosdies 31.01.2012.

    Hello, is a hard route for mountainbike, but no impossible, many stones and sand , in some sections in the erg( similar to erg chebbi merzouga and the river sand ) the lake Iriki is very important it is dry for bycicle ( also 4x4 and moto ) the mud is very danger ( you can catch ) is a autentical zone desert, good luck

    best regards

    Joan https://ca.wikiloc.com/rutes-4x4/mhamid-foum-zguid-687629/photo-422825

  • Слика од Nano_Recius

    Nano_Recius 25.09.2013.

    Hola Sondosdies:
    ¿Como ves el recorrido para maxitrail con tacos y sin mucha experiencia en campo?
    Muchas gracias.

  • Слика од Decarabarraca

    Decarabarraca 29.08.2015.

    cruza dunas este recorrido? voy para alla en 2 meses

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