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близу Yamanto, Queensland (Australia)

Well, this was a last minute decision sort of trip as we had planned to head north to explore the Pine Creek area up near Bundaberg, but due to the recent flooding in the area, we quickly had to change plans. So, I knew

there was more tracks down in Sundown that I wanted to explore so this gave us the good opportunity to do this. This time I would be taking my 2 boys with me and my mate would be taking his 2 boys with him as well and

we were all swagging it for the 2 nights that we were to be away.

We head off from home around 10am and headed south, doing a couple of stops along the way for the kids and to top up with fuel before we made out way into Sundown Park. The park was open but as to the River &

Creek levels, that was a bit of an unknown until we got in there. We made it to the entrance of the Park around 3.10pm and we took the more interesting bypass track into Redrock Gorge. The 1st creek crossing had a fair

bit of water following in it, so I kinda knew that meant that the Severn River would be up as well and our chances of being able to cross it was minimal. We pushed on via the bypass Track, enjoying the little challenges that

came along the way with having water lying around. We made it to Redrock Gorge around 4pm and had a quick look at the falls and the water that was flowing over them before setting off to try and reach Burrows Camp

before the sun went down. On the way out from Redrock, I decided on another detour along another bypass track that I knew of as this was more interesting that just driving along the normal track in. It too was a nice track

and also gave u that feeling of isolation as well. IT wasn't long before we were back on the main track and we pushed on to Burrows Camp, reaching there around 5.30pm to find only one other fellow camper. We quickly

setup camp before the sun went down and had dinner and sat around the campfire for the usual campfire chit-chat....

With morning upon us, we had a breakfast, checked out the river level beside us and knew that crossing the river downstream would be pretty much out of question as the water level was up and flowing. We decided to

leave our swags at camp and make our way to check our the river crossing anyhow as there was a couple of good hill declines that we drive down. We reached the crossing and crossing the river was definitely out + there

was a fallen tree blocking the middle part of the crossing. So, we turned around and headed back to explore a little side track that I drove a little way up a few years ago but ended up turning around as I was by myself at

that point. We found the track and headed off up along the creek bed to explore where it would take us. Having flowing water coming down made it all the more interesting and slippery. We had to stop a number a times

and head on foot to locate the tracks &/or which way to go. The surrounding countryside and scenery was simply brilliant. We were heading along quite well until we came to a waterfall rocky step up. This suddenly made

more things interesting and we made the call to go on foot the rest of the way to see what laid ahead and where the track would take us. After 30mins we came to the end after following the track and to my surprise it

came out to another track that I was hoping to explore, so this turned out bonus.

We footed our way back to the cars and had a quick smoko before continuing up the river, but first we had to try and get up this rocky step up at the waterfalls. I was the 1st to give it a go and the Disco climbed it no

worries, it was then the longer Defender 130's go. With only running the standard tyre size, he bellied out on the 1st & 2nd attempt, but he finally made it by moving slightly closer to the edge to miss belling out again. Upon

the Defender 130 making it we checked out under his vehicle to find a good size dent in the chassis rail and the Handbrake drum receiving a few new battle scars.

From here we made out way up the river chris-crossing the river numerous times and driving up more rock ledges, enjoying every moment of the experience. We finally came to the end and we stopped for a break to let

the kids out to run around and to reflect on what a fantastic track that was. Completing that track was definitely cause for a nice cold beer :) It was then time to attempt the next part of the experience - The hillclimb up !!I

headed off and all was good for a little while until the hill became steep with lots of loose, sharp rocks. I managed to negotiate around the deep ruts and keep my momentum and eventually made it to the top.... another

fantastic track!! I hopped out of my car and could hear the loud noise of my mate's tyres struggle for traction. He eventually made it to the top after a few attempts. From here we headed back to camp via Reedy's Ck

Campground to have a very late lunch and pack up and make our way out.

Once out of the park we headed south to show the kids Thunderbolts Hideout Caves and head to what we thought would be a good spot to camp - Boonoo Boonoo campgrounds. Upon arrival, we were not real happy with

what we saw, so we decided to head to a campground back in Basket Swamp Campground. As we headed towards the camp I noticed a small dotted line on the GPS that would cut a fair bit of distance off our journey to

the campgrounds, so we decided to try it and all was good until I ended up at a guys front door..... I got out and explained to the nice old fella and he was kind enough to let us through his property and make it to camp

before night fall. Once at camp, it was a quick setup but also putting out the side awning and side walls for added protection from the weather as the skies looked a little grey. This turned out to be a good move as it did end

up raining through the night.

Woke up to a freezing morning and did the usual quick breaky and pack up and headed east to Boorock Rd where we turned north. Next stop was the Crossing of the Boonoo Boonoo River. This was another fantastic spot

with all the water flowing over the rocky causeway and waterfalls. We let the kids out to explore and play around while we took the usual photos of the beautiful countryside. From here it was back on to the main road and

we called into Undercliffe Falls and then headed towards Killarney, hoping to be able to do the Condamine 14 River Track, but after a few phone calls, it was clear that we would have to find another way home. We took the

chance that the road to Boonah via Teviot falls would be open, so we ended up going that way, calling into see Queen Mary Falls; Teviot Falls and finally making it to the Boonah Pub for a meal and a much deserved Beer. It

was clear from the water marks around the Pub that there had been a massive amount of flood waters in this area in the previous week.... After a nice fed and what not, it was back in the cars and homeward bound....

'96 LR Disco Tdi300 Auto (2.5ltr Tdi)
'11 LR Defender 130 Dualcab (2.4ltr Tdci)

Damage to vehicles:
Disco - received 1 small chunk out of an Alloy Rim - nothing else
Defender - Dent in underneath of Chassis; battle scars on handbrake Drum - nothing else

Trip Details (Total distance of 716kms)
Day-1 287kms / Driving Time: 5hrs 15mins
Day-2 128kms / Driving Time: 4hrs 12mins
Day-1 308kms / Driving Time: 5hrs 19mins

Economy for the trip: 13.4ltrs/100kms

Photos of our adventure located here:
Sundown Resource Reserve
28°45'15.07"S 152°10'58.27"E
Sundown National Park
Sundown National Park
Unpaved Road
Sundown Resource Reserve
Sundown Resource Reserve


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