• Слика од Uphil to Šator mountain
  • Слика од Uphil to Šator mountain
  • Слика од The hut on Šatorsko lake by night
  • Слика од Šator mountain

Moving time  2 сата 5 минуте

Вријеме  17 сата 50 минуте

Број тачака  6191

Uploaded 26.06.2018.

Recorded јун 2018

1.608 m
913 m
54,17 km

Погледана 226 пут(a), скинута са сервера 26 пут(a)

близу  Rokvići, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Trail from Rore to the Šator and back to the walley in Gornje Peulje. The downhil from Šatorsko Jezero to Fornje Peulje is not suitable for ordinary cars, you will need a SUV with high clearance or even better, an off road car. Depending on the weather conditions. But the uphill from Rore to Šatorsko Jezero is not a big problem even for ordinary cars. The view from the top of the Mountain is just amazing.

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