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близу  Sleaford, South Australia (Australia)

One of most scenic 4 wheel drive tracks that I have done. Tracks is sometimes hard to follow, you need to keep an eye on red poles that show the track direction. It is handy to have a GPS track available when doing this track, as there are some points where you might go a wrong way.
There first half is fairly bumpy along rocky sections with views of beautiful beaches and cliffs. Second part goes through more sandy section. I recommend you air down to about 18PSI when starting this track, it will make the ride more comfortable and will help you in the sand.
Track starts south of Seaford Lake, climbs over rocky cliffs and meets the sea at Salmon Hole, then continues to Wiseman Rock, then onto Sims Memorial and Miller Hole. Breathtaking views of the coastal scenery on every turn. Then the track makes its way through the coastal dunes to Wanna and view of the Wedding Cake rock
Tracks climbs through the coastal rocky hills
Wanna lookout


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