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What We Stand For

We believe in a future where humanity spends more time enjoying and preserving the outdoors.

Our goal is to help people have better experiences in a community before, during and after outdoor activities and to inspire and support the preservation of nature.

Our values


We advocate inclusiveness above elitism. We make clear, simple and useful tools for anyone who wants to enjoy nature.


Wikiloc's essence is every person involved, from the community to the team. We aim to honor trust.


Since 2006 we have remained loyal to our identity: an independent and thriving community made up of real people sharing authentic outdoor trails. The adventures of outdoor enthusiasts just like you.

Nature Preservation

We focus our business success towards a healthy planet by inspiring good practices and implementing actions for nature conservation.


Jordi Ramot

CEO (year 16)

Software Engineer specialized in the geospatial interoperability field. I graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

In 2006, I started to work in my spare time on a pet project that I called Wikiloc that has now become very popular worldwide. I'm so grateful that Wikiloc has grown entirely through word-of-mouth. The community members praise Wikiloc simply because they love it. We owe them everything and all of us on this page are doing our best to keep meeting the expectations of a growing community of millions of outdoor enthusiasts sharing trails all over the world.

When I'm not in the office, I like to be outdoors trail running, back-country skiing, or mountain biking.

Montserrat Jordi

COO (year 16)

"If you want to live in a better world, do something to improve it"

I did engineering studies to have a technical base, because I wanted to build things that would improve our day-to-day life. I have carried out neuroscience studies to understand what moves people and to be able to improve their well-being. I like to learn, I have studied at four universities and I have done internships in three others.

During my professional career I have had to manage both, and gradually I have specialized in operations management and business management, that is, in putting these two ingredients together and making things happen. Always aiming to make sure each action is done responsibly and ethically.

Over the years I have achieved some milestones, from winning a children's ski competition, being locally crowned Queen of the Atlas in MTB, or more recently, to being awarded as the National e-women for Online Business. In my free time, I am also a pianist in a band I put together. I am also part of the board of directors of two associations, one related to technology and the other to crafts.

Jose Molina

Lead Engineer (year 12)

Software engineer with a Degree in Computer Systems from the Universitat de Girona (UdG).

Since 2005, my career has always been related to GPS, digital maps and their applications. Before joining Wikiloc, I was part of the Geographic Information Service and Remote Sensing (SIGTE) in the UdG, developing GEO projects using open source technologies, spatial databases and OGC standards. I've also developed mobile apps for phones and location-based services (LBS), and worked as a lecturer of Spatial Databases at the UNIGIS Master.

One of the aspects that I value the most is being able to dedicate myself to a project with a clear social value, which is committed to the user, with humility. Wikiloc combines my passion for technology and cartography, while allowing me to enjoy nature discovering new places thanks to the knowledge of the community.

When I'm not in the office, you'll find me tinkering in the garage or hiking in the mountains with my dog.

Ivan Bianchi

Platform Engineer (year 7)

Software engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Girona.

I'm a Software architect and a Big-data enthusiast. I am captivated by the opportunities that technology can provide to the community.

I also like to free my mind by playing basketball or trail running while listening to my favorite music.

Computer science has become my passion and at Wikiloc I have the perfect place to overcome daily challenges and expand on my skills while working on a high impact platform for the community.

Roger Tallada

Mobile Engineer (year 6)

Software engineer with a Diploma in Computer Software from the Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB-UPC). I’m coming back to the tech world after working as an illustrator for some years. I previously worked as an analyst / developer for a publishing group.

With the birth of the iPhone, I became involved in software development again by working on personal projects. This allowed me to become familiar with the iOS development environment.

Another one of my passions is running, trail running in particular. Working at Wikiloc allows me to mix two of my favorite things: app development and outdoor activities.

Kaixi Luo

Platform Engineer (year 6)

Computers and the internet have been my lifelong passions. I started my career doing backend development, but have since worked on scaling high traffic systems, developing web and mobile apps, and SEO and data analytics. As a generalist and a curious person, I find that interesting things usually happen at the intersection of disciplines.

Wikiloc is the perfect place where I can do meaningful work on weekdays and explore my favorite hikes on weekends.

Jordi Casadevall

Platform Engineer (year 5)

Software engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Girona

Computer science has fascinated me since I was little. This has led me to work on a wide range of projects on various topics that have expanded my horizons and knowledge.

My experience spans from being part of a research group specialized in network management to working on several video game projects, building solutions in a digital innovation consultancy and co-founding a startup.

Being part of the Wikiloc team gives me the opportunity to work on a successful project where my work has an impact on a large community. At the same time, it allows me to continue learning, designing and exploring new technologies to improve my knowledge and professional career.

Berta Nicolazzi

Communication (year 5)

My professional career started in the Hospitality Industry. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and thoroughly enjoyed working on Hotel Online Marketing & e-Commerce.

Being able to speak five languages has led me to be open-minded, an empathetic listener and an enthusiastic communicator. I love new projects and I believe that team spirit is the key to success.

I’m an outdoor and mountain enthusiast, a Pyrenees lover, and I strongly believe that Wikiloc has had a significant impact on the quality of my life, adding a harmonious work-life balance. I now feel personally committed to sharing this community with the whole world.

Marc López

Platform Engineer (year 4)

Software engineer with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Girona.

Since I was little, I've always had a passion for Computer Science, my first steps in programming were with C++. Over the years, I have worked with different technologies such as full stack developer, also I'm very enthusiastic about AI development and research.

I love going out with my mountain bike to explore new routes, so being part of Wikiloc allows me to improve the application and work with a big community that gives feedback on every change to the platform.

David Martínez

Mobile Engineer (year 3)

Software engineer with a scientific heart. Pursuing my interests in ecological economics and sustainability, I graduated with a Master's degree in Sustainable Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.

My legs are happiest when pedaling hard up a hill, but I also enjoy running once in a while. I feel at home in the mountains, be it on a bike saddle, hiking or skiing in the Pyrenees, or even challenging myself along a via ferrata!

Wikiloc has always been my go-to platform to search for new trails and bike routes. Working here allows me to combine my love for outdoor activities with my enthusiasm for software engineering but, most of all, it allows me to add my grain of salt towards a healthier, happier and more sustainable future.

Xavier Morros

Designer (year 3)

Designer with a focus on digital products. I hold a graphic design degree with an editorial design postgraduate.

The idea of helping to solve people's problems through design and technology fascinates me. I also love doing activities outdoors, especially rock climbing and cycling.

Wikiloc has been helping me enjoy the outdoors for quite some time. Now, as a team member, I can contribute to a product that generates a big impact on people's lives.

Jan Berkel

Mobile Engineer (year 3)

I studied computer networking in Germany but soon became more interested in developing applications running on top of these networks. Wikiloc is one of those applications: it provides many opportunities to spend time outside our over-connected virtual worlds.

My favorite moment is to be in a new place or country, on my bicycle loaded with some camping gear and a tent, with just a vague idea of the destination. I also enjoy learning new words and languages, and the multilingual environment here is a perfect match for that.

Aleix Blanco

Communication (year 2)

Journalist and audiovisual communicator with a Master's Degree in Journalism and Digital Communication from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) as well as being a certified drone pilot.

Before reaching the top of Wikiloc, I started walking in the Principat d'Andorra in social media management. I was part of the digital edition in a written press in my hometown, Girona, and I threw myself into my work in the press and communication office for cultural entities.

In my free time, if I am not refereeing football matches, you will find me going running in the mountains, cycling on a road bike or hiking or trekking in the Pyrenees while firmly committed to preserving nature with the view to be sure that future generations can also enjoy it. On every route, and together, we will get there!

Joan Peracaula

Data Engineer (year 2)

Graduate in Mathematics and Computer Engineering from the University of Barcelona. During the last year of my studies, I collaborated with the Computer Vision and Machine Learning research group at the UB. I am currently studying for a master’s degree in Data Science at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Data analysis is a world to be explored with great potential.

I am a scout. I have belonged to a scout and guide group since I was young; as a child, youth, scout leader and director. The scout group introduced me to hiking, a hobby I still enjoy and combine with mountain biking.

Wikiloc is a technological company that unites my professional interests, hobbies and values. I am very pleased to be part of the Wikiloc team.

Iñaki Garrido

Data Scientist (year 1)

I am a graduate in Mathematics and Engineering Physics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I am passionate about mathematics and I believe it is a transversal tool that can help improve many sectors of society.

My favorite way of traveling is through nature. I enjoy the variety of landscapes and the peace that a walk through the forest offers much more than the urban chaos. I also love doing sport as often as I can because it helps me disconnect and feel better in my daily life.

Wikiloc is a company where I feel comfortable working in because of the trust and flexibility they give to the employees. Moreover, sustainability and social commitment are key pillars of the decisions taken at Wikiloc, values with which I feel identified.

Sergi Vos

Sistemski inženjer (year 1)

Student završne godine računarskog inženjerstva Univerziteta u Đironi.

Od detinjstva sam fasciniran računarskom naukom. Izuzetno sam zainteresovan za dane hakovanja i projekte vikendom, veoma sam radoznao u pogledu novih tehnologija, a volim i da učim i stvaram nešto novo. Već godinama volim programiranje, a nedavno sam razvio i veliko zanimanje za distribuirane sisteme, mreže i tehnologiju oblaka. U slobodno vreme obično čitam stručne knjige i blogove ili se bavim sportom.

Već neko vreme veb sajt Wikiloc mi pomaže da se isključim tokom vikenda, a sada mi njegov tim omogućava da se razvijam i učim.

Fèlix Real

Analitičar podataka (year 1)

Diplomirao sam matematiku i fizički inženjering na Politehničkom univerzitetu Katalonije i primao stipendiju za svoj diplomski rad na Univerzitetu A&M u Teksasu. Uvek sam bio izuzetno zainteresovan za matematiku, a na univerzitetu sam otkrio da sam fasciniran i programiranjem.

Od detinjstva sam se bavio različitim sportovima, pri čemu sam plivanju posvetio najviše vremena i truda. Sport mi omogućava opuštanje, dobro zdravlje i zadovoljstvo zbog ispitivanja i savladavanja novih izazova, a verujem i da on treba da bude noseći stub društva.

To što sam član Wikiloc tima i što učestvujem u razvoju aplikacija omogućava mi da nastavim da se obučavam i na tehničkom i na ličnom nivou, kao i da primenjujem svoja znanja na stvaranje visokih društvenih vrednosti, kao što je promovisanje sporta.

Àlex Garcia

Inženjer za razvoj mobilnih aplikacija (year 1)

Prvo sam diplomirao poslovnu administraciju i upravljanje poslovanjem na Univerzitetu „Oberta de Catalunya“, a kasnije i računarski inženjering na istom univerzitetu. Svoju strast za programiranjem otkrio sam relativelno kasno, naročito kada je reč o izradi mobilnih aplikacija, ali od tada koristim tu motivaciju da učim i radim ono što najviše volim.

U slobodno vreme gotovo svakodnevno radim vežbe snage u teretani. Pored toga, uživam u miru koji omogućavaju duge šetnje, kako u gradu tako i na planini. A sa nešto manjom učestalošću bavim se brdskim biciklizmom u parku Seralada Litoral i regionu Marezme.


Manuel Roca

(year 12)

Happy entrepreneur in both personal and professional life. On the professional side, I co-founded 13 years ago in which I'm the CEO of the company. I also co-founded with my wife a social crowd-funding project,, to help people at risk of being socially excluded with their basic needs.

However, my biggest project is my BIG family with 7 children to whom I teach values like effort, perseverance, initiative, spirit of service that are so valuable for every aspect of life either personally or professionally although I learn much more from them.

Apart from that, I'm passionate about cycling, skiing and back-country skiing.

Mr. Roca is the sole investor in Wikiloc

Eduardo Coca

(year 14)

When I am not hiking, cycling or running in the mountains, I am a venture capital lawyer and advisor to Wikiloc. I have been involved with the team since the very early stages in 2008 and I am currently secretary to the board of directors.

After years of practice at international law firms in London and Madrid, I founded a niche legal practice dealing with venture capital and debt in relation to high growth companies. I work with many leading startups and emerging companies across Spain helping them strategically navigate pivotal corporate and financial moments, including seed and venture financing, acquisitions and other complex corporate transactions.

Anna Clarà

Finance (year 1)

Economist and Auditor. Degree in Business Administration and Management at the Universitat de Barcelona, certified auditor with the Official Register of Account Auditors in Spain (ROAC), and member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants of Catalonia.

My professional experience began as an auditor for KPMG in 1997. I later expanded my professional project as an SME consultant. In 2000, I decided to take on my own personal and professional project to create a balance between my two passions: my family and my work. I opened up my own firm of economists becoming the Partner-Director of TAX Sant Feliu, within the TAX Economistes i Advocats group.

Throughout my career, I have been constantly innovating in the digital realm in the firm, and I have enjoyed working on a team with many good professionals. Over the years, Wikiloc and I have had two main points that connect us: technology and our core values. I am a nature lover who likes to enjoy it while going for walks and skiing.

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