Projeto Giraventura

Projeto Giraventura


Conceived by Nestor Freire, a brazilian cyclist, Giraventura Project is a cycling adventure composed of 14 stages over a period of 15 years (from 2013 to 2027).

The project has a philosophical proposal on the experiences lived during the various bicycle paths and routes around the world. The adventure, inspired by Joseph Campbell's "The Hero’s Journey", aims to promote a reflection on the challenges and possibilities of a full life, from the point of view of an adventurous cyclist.

The experience is shared in real time on adventure travel and continues after the end of each journey through lectures, discussion wheels in schools and businesses.

Nowadays, Giraventura Project is on preparation for its eighth stage, 2020, "Between the Tectonic Plates" in Iceland.

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члан од април 2014

  • Mogi das Cruzes

    64 км - Средње

    близу Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Pirituba - Pirituba

    24,71 км - Средње

    близу Pirituba, São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Horto - Horto

    7,43 км - Средње

    близу Horto, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

  • Jaconé - Pedregulho

    0,76 км - Средње

    близу Jaconé, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

  • Arraial do Cabo - Arraial do Cabo

    11,42 км - Средње

    близу Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

  • Vila Clementino

    30,98 км - Средње

    близу Vila Clementino, São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Vila Clementino

    32,36 км - Средње

    близу Vila Clementino, São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Itaim Bibi - Campo Grande

    87,98 км - Средње

    близу Itaim Bibi, São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Vila Clementino

    49,12 км - Средње

    близу Vila Clementino, São Paulo (Brazil)

  • Vila Clementino

    7,9 км - Средње

    близу Vila Clementino, São Paulo (Brazil)