Rainforest Expedition

Rainforest Expedition


At our lodge you will be surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, the roar of the Sevegre River and our many magnificent waterfalls while basking in the natural beauty of the surrounding rainforest. You will learn about our medicinal plants and participate in traditional tribal ceremonies with Papa Fonseca, a Cabecar Tribe Shaman.

For adventure, you can climb massive rainforest trees and Limestone walls, or zip-line through the canopy and over amazing white water rapids or rappel 60-foot waterfalls. After all that you can cool off in nearby caves and the river,

To squelch your hunger you can learn traditional methods to make tortillas and chocolate with cacao seeds foraged from the rainforest. You are encouraged to cook and learn with Mama Rosa.

Through daily interaction with the Fonsecas, and unique assignments, you can learn the basics of Conversational Spanish to prepare you for Community Service.

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