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Uploaded 18.06.2017.

Recorded јун 2017

1.886 m
1.092 m
10,17 km

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близу  Dujmovići, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Босния һәм Герцеговина)

Trail from Dujmovicka Brda to Oblik, peak on Treskavica, is short but very intensive! Distance from Dujmovicka Brda to Oblik is long around 5 kilometres, but on short distance you have to climbed apex 800 meters. All long way path leading you thru charming wood. Above Oblik peak, at the Jablan Do, is last point with clear water. After that, amphitheater under Oblik you have to pass by serpentine. Ridge of Oblik peak give you amazing view on rest of the Treskavica Mountain and will ages in the walleye. Don’t miss climb to Oblik!


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