Discover the best trails

Find the ideal trail for your next activity with filters such as mileage, elevation gain or also narrowing the area that interests you with the map.

Discover the best trails Discover the best trails
Track your outdoor adventures with GPS

Track your outdoor adventures with GPS

Create your own GPS tracks of your activities and upload directly to Wikiloc in the easiest way possible.

Record your outdoor activities on a map, get real time statistics like speed, distance and elevation profile graphs, take photos and waypoints along the route and upload all of it directly to Wikiloc.

Track your outdoor adventures with GPS

Outdoor navigation made easy

The Navigation Pack [1] lets you explore and discover the best trails near your location and follow them with aids like heading indicators, compass and audio clues that alert you when you go away from the trail. No internet needed! [2]

[1] The Navigation Pack is available as an in-app purchase within the free App.
[2] Internet needed for in-app trail search & saving, also for free maps downloading. Once saved, follow trails on maps even offline!

Outdoor navigation made easy
Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Now who you decide will be able to see where you are while you are doing your route.

Are you doing it on your own? Activate Live Tracking for your friends or family and they will have you located.

Are you participating in a race? Activate Live tracking to let them know what stage you are on or if you are about to reach the finish line!

Requires Internet access and is subject to the Terms of use.

Live Tracking Live Tracking

Free offline maps for your outdoor adventures

We’ve designed offline maps for you to enjoy the great outdoors all over the world with elevation data and features you care when you’re off the beaten path like peaks, lakes, creeks, water sources or mountain huts.

Once downloaded, maps are stored in your smartphone and will work with no need of Internet access. Ideal in areas with poor data access or when traveling abroad.

Our intention is to provide you with free offline maps of every corner of the World. If you can’t find maps for your location, please let us know and we’ll try to create maps for your area.

Free offline maps for your outdoor adventures Free offline maps for your outdoor adventures

Who was with you on the trail?

Share your activity with your real friends. Once you’ve finished recording your activity you can share it with your trail buddies that were with you on the trail. That way the trail will appear in their public profile too on the list of trails they’ve participated.

In addition to your close buddies, you can also let your social circles know about your adventure by sharing your activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Who was with you on the trail? Who was with you on the trail?

Send to your Garmin

Download trails from Wikiloc directly to your Garmin in the easiest way possible!

Feature available only on supported Garmin devices.

Send to your Garmin Send to your Garmin Send to your Garmin

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